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How to find reliable information.

3rd edition, English version,  PDF e-book

The book is widely regarded as a basic tool for practice and education. Its value has been proven in courses.

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Occupational Safety and Health Online, How to find reliable information

Third revised edition (2016) Free of charge

Authors: Frank van Dijk, Yohama Caraballo-Arias.
Co-authors: Jos Verbeek, Carel Hulshof, Paul Smits (all internationally recognized experts in the field)

The book is widely regarded as a basic tool for practice and education. Its value has been proven in courses in various Latin American countries and Spain (Spanish version), Türkiye (Turkish version), Italy, Croatia, and the Netherlands (English version).

Book reviews:

Jackson-Koku G. Occupational Safety and Health Online: How to Find Reliable Information. Occupational Medicine. 2018; 68: 74.
“My overall opinion is that this is a carefully written, comprehensive, and up-to-date book …The resources within it will save the busy clinician or researcher valuable time when conducting literature searches or evidence-based guideline enquiries relating to the practice of occupational health and safety.”
Mueller, KL. Book Review of “Occupational Safety and Health Online. How to Find Reliable Information”. J Occup Environ Med. 2019; 61: p e172.
“The book provides an excellent summary of how to research various websites available to professionals and students in a variety of countries”


The book is recommended to occupational physicians, nurses, hygienists, psychologists, ergonomists, safety experts, and others. Easy access is offered to essential Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) online sources and websites providing good factual information, evidence-based guidelines, systematic reviews, scientific articles, and quality online learning materials. The book contains a glossary for OSH terms, a PubMed-in-ten-steps lesson, and a list of frequently used OSH terms. Search instructions and examples show how to search effectively. More than 130 hyperlinks can be applied directly. The book can assist students and is useful in continuing education.

The e-book version is to download, free of charge, from the LDOH foundation website shop.

Based on the book we developed a 2.5-day hands-on face-to-face course (workshop) for OSH experts (English language). This course was successfully given in Zagreb, Croatia (2018). The comprehensive course materials are free of charge and downloadable from this website.

In 2021 we published a free-of-charge comprehensive article on this topic in the Annals of Global Health.

Where to Find EvidenceBased Information on Occupational Safety and Health?


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